Are You Crazy?


Well have you ever done a job that you enjoyed,

Or are you a soldier on the battlefield tirelessly redeployed,

Daily revolutions of unidentified asteroids

thinking of making the remnants crash, smash at the silent noise.

Hear the zombie moans of workers walking alone

like ‘when’s it my turn?’ when the dust settles, when the mass watch the few burn.

Is the populace buttery enough to churn?

Or are the slick slackers to bent already too much to turn?

Yo I’m all for singularity but the heterogeneity

of the duality of a laboring man ‘shawshanking’ a gradual plan.

When the bosses notice split quick as you can

left or right, those two fingers allegorical for ‘Fuck you man!’

I’m ‘cockroaching’ as far as underneath the bottom,

So we can approach all of life as a comeuppance

Role reversal, don’t avert the bosses picking cotton.

Never let your labor days be forgotten. 

Well are you crazy baby, are you crazy?

I’m riding a high horse showering with condescension,

While rappers are painting a vivider picture of parental adolescence,

So I’m forced to fade into a state of permanent evanescence,

Even when out of sight check the permanence.

From peasant infant to peasant infantry,

Yo i throw the vice charges way outside proximity,

Fiscally, because six pound an hour don’t fund an industry,

Simply, I’m calling this hallucinogenic epiphanies. 

So when you are running away from the problems that were made up,

You dropped sex drugs and violence into the homeless cup.

Now i crack your crockery in order to make the liquid drop

and when can proceed with the mockery of an elusive class the law forgot.

This the year to drop a whole lot of knowledge,

So we the street urchins can squabble over the opportunity we were promised.

The ‘Whiggery’ stigma sticks like out-casted brotherhoods and solace,

Strive to abolish but that don’t demolish. 

Well are you crazy baby, are you crazy?

This the sign of the time.

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