Don’t Stray From The Pride

We have fed our kids to the lions,
that saturate the small village fields like pylons.
See the paws are the cause of violence,
they only wear robes to hide the three-pronged trident.
They abstain then they chastise children,
all under the roof of a righteous building.
The innocent trust in omnipotence, stripped of their dividence,
clothes; these priests were proliferant.
And now we’re sitting, wondering that
God might be busy cos he still won’t listen,
and if God was on Earth he’d be locked up in prison,
an accessory to crime with omniscient vision.
Urges and hunger, bring the hail parasites and the thunder,
watch the people cluster we’re under the clusterfuck
and now they’re too far down to be picked back up.
Dante’s second circle – appetite for lust,
straight past purgatory and the Earth’s crust
and they profit, morality? they ‘off’d’ it,
and so they skip straight to the treacherous Ninth – dust.
Infectious psyche protect us almighty,
from the excusing power of the deity.


Don’t stray from the pride,
check first for carnivorous lies.
The sun shines out of yours and not mine
cos the power’s at the top like free enterprise;
it’s corporational, see it’s hierarchical
so they can censor the true numerals operational.
Now that’s political, like the moon
hiding behind the Earth in it’s orbit – elliptical.
Can you hear the angels sing
when donating unknowingly to pedophile rings?
Withdraw cash until they’re willing to sack
and expose all the villainous criminal acts
and give peace to the children walking the streets,
who feel they can’t speak out cos their body’s are too weak.
Now let’s feast on the body of Christ,
and drink blood until we feel like life’s alright.
But there’s more than the smile on the outside –
a conscience ripping out the heart from the inside.
For some that collar will represent love and compassion
and a rational divergence from decadence.
Now for some that’s irrelevant a new impediment
brought on by the poisonous medicine.
So your Eminence, check my testament,
amplified and hopefully resonant.



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